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Calling individuals who are ready to change unwanted behaviors or emotions that have been keeping them stuck...

This is a one-time special offer

2 places available - Deadline: May 5th at 11:11 PM MDT

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I had a transformative experience with Metztli. Every session with her was highly insightful and it reshaped my beliefs in a manner that was more conducive to my goals. I was able to overcome patterns of procrastination, shyness, and trying to exercise too much control. As a result I’ve come to embrace new behaviors that have contributed to greater life satisfaction with more peace and confidence.
These sessions surpassed my expectations, because in the past I had tried things like affirmations and listening to hypnosis tapes, but they were just not effective to the degree that Metztli’s sessions were.
I highly recommend this program to anyone that has an open and growth oriented mind and is seeking to not let their beliefs and behaviors hold them back. The investment is totally worth it.

- Gil Acevedo | Fitness Coach and Software Engineer

Do you have a behavior or a feeling that you would like to change?

Hello everyone!

My name is Metztli, and I am a Belief Unlearning Specialist. I am always looking for ways to improve and best serve my clients, and I am currently training in two different modalities - the Lefkoe Belief Process and Subconscious Freedom Coaching.

In order to improve my skillset, I am looking for clients who are looking to change behaviors or feelings that no longer serve them and keep them stuck and are open to experiencing these new modalities (I do have previous experience as a coach an have produced invaluable results for my clients - you're welcome to check out my testimonials page).

For a limited time - from now until Sunday, May 5th, 2024 at 11:11 pm MDT, I will be offering a special offer to individuals who are ready to let go of what no longer serves them and embrace new levels of inner freedom and peace.


I will be offering TEN one-hour sessions to the first 11 individuals to sign up.

The cost will be $500 USD for 10 sessions.

BUT WAIT! One lucky individual will be selected at random and receive all 10 sessions for free!

And, here's the thing... we really value your time and understand that you worked hard for your money. At the same time, we are CONFIDENT that you will see tremendous results.

Here's our guarantee - if after the first session you are dissatisfied, we will refund you your money. Just send me an email within 3 days of our first session saying that you would not like to continue, and you will get your money back.
The money refund is void if you have any additional sessions as a part of this package.

The sessions will be either in English or Spanish.

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Working with Metztli has been an absolutely amazing and transformative experience. She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, educated, and dedicated to improving the lives of her clients. Throughout the whole program, I felt comfortable and seen. Metztli was able to work with me to improve my mindset, and ultimately this directly translated into drastically improving my confidence, self-compassion, productivity, and overall sense of wellbeing in both my work and personal life. I initially felt so burnt out from constant demands from work and school, but working with Metztli to clear limiting beliefs provided me with the space and opportunity to create more rejuvenating time in my life. I not only feel less overwhelmed now, but I also better incorporate work-life balance into my daily routine. I can honestly say this program exceeded my expectations and helped to cultivate a more confident and secure version of myself. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their life!

- Emma Clark, Ph.D | Business Owner & Health Management Consultant

Here are some examples of results from this work:

  • No longer experiencing anxiety or panic when thinking about money or opening bank account

  • Being more assertive and self-trusting

  • Feeling comfortable saying no to things and setting up boundaries at work and with others

  • No longer feeling criticized when receiving feedback

  • Feeling comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them

  • Overcoming fear of communicating with others

  • Being more consistent with work and not procrastinating or taking on too much

  • Feeling lighter and suddenly gaining more time in the day

  • Experiencing inner freedom and inner peace

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