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Working with Metztli was a wonderful experience that brought so many personal insights and breakthroughs. Before starting her program, I had trouble taking initiative, asserting myself, and trusting my gut. It’s now been 4 months since we’ve completed our work together, and I find it much easier to listen to my intuition and act according to my values without constantly worrying about others’ opinions. I find it easier to let go of mistakes, to learn and move on; and to show myself compassion and kindness. The past few months have brought high stress due to finishing my Ph.D. — but thanks to Metztli’s program, I am managing the challenge much better than the “old me” would have. Her program not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to transform their lives and themselves to reach their fullest potential.

- Gina D'Andrea-Penna, Ph.D., Fitness Coach

I couldn't speak highly enough of Metztli! I always feel so supported and seen in our calls. Before I started working with her, I had a lot of limiting beliefs that were hindering my ability to take action in my business. It was scary to try to face those negative beliefs head on, and I didn't know where to start. But I feel like I was meant to work with Metztli because she made me realize how capable I truly am of healing these blockages that have been carrying for so long. I feel so much more confident and hopeful now. My inner critic used to be so loud that I would procrastinate and avoid everything, but now I'm actually able to live my life with intention and make conscious decisions! I also absolutely loved our reiki sessions. Metztli is such a powerful healer because every time she'd send me reiki I would feel it immediately and receive so many profound insights about my healing journey. Working with her has felt so nurturing and gentle to my inner child. I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to clear limiting beliefs and take back ownership of their life!

- Karolin Velliste, Relationship Coach

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